Better Burger Fundraiser was created over 10 years ago to provide an easy way for qualifying community organizations to raise funds at Five Guys locations across the US. Last year alone, Better Burger Fundraiser helped organizations raise over $100,000 to support their initiatives. Whether you are fundraising on behalf of your school, religious group, sports team, or charitable organization, Better Burger Fundraiser is here to help you raise money for your cause!

Enjoy Our Features & Benefits

Our goal at Better Burger Fundraiser is to make the fundraising process at Five Guys as easy, fast and profitable for you and your cause.

Fundraiser Host Profile for quick booking and re-booking of fundraisers

Calendar Booking System with available dates to eliminate double bookings

Email Invite to save your fundraiser date to your calendar

One-Click Fundraiser Approval Process for quick response and turnaround

Auto-Generated Custom Flyers and Marketing Guide to promote your fundraiser to achieve best in class results

Better Burger. Better Community.